Saving and Borrowing have never been

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Your investment is 100% safe - Our operations are fully legal – We are registered under Chit Fund Act 1982 (Regd. No. 2816)
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High level of security

Investing in Chit Zone is a simple procedure that offers higher levels of security to investors than any other forms of investments.

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Genuine advantages to investors

Chit Zone is run by honest set of people and provides many genuine advantages to investors.

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Cash rich organization

Chit Zone is a cash rich organization since it belongs to a business group that is highly established in the society.

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Professionals on board

Chit Zone has technically strong professionals on board who plan to make the Company technically driven.

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Low organizer fee

Chit Zone retains only 5% organizer fee.

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Documentation is not heavy. Only limited documents that are required for satisfying the statutory requirements are taken from...

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Savings for times of need

Chit funds must be looked as small savings which can be utilized by the investor at times of needs and contingency situations.

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Cheaper loans

The cost of loans is cheaper than any other forms. Loans can be obtained in an easy manner without involving much hassles...

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Registered & Unregistered chit funds

The major difference between a registered and unregistered Chit fund Companies lies in the regulation aspect of the same.

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Making Chit Funds a boon

Investing in Chit Zone is safe as it is run by an honest set of people and provides many genuine advantages to investors. Chit Zone is the latest in the concept of chit funds – it is social chit funds. JOIN A CHIT

The oldest and safest way of saving money

There are many types of Finance firms around us, one among them being the Chit Funds. Chit Funds were the oldest and safest way of saving money. Chit Funds pioneer many modern financial processes in practice today. However, in reality, Chit Funds have taken a backlash today. This is purely because of the ill motives of fraudsters who are found in the field of Finance. With Chit Funds coming to be associated with “Cheat Funds, the wonderful concept of Chit Funds had taken a backseat. Chit Zone has been set up to change the idea that “Chit Funds” are “Cheat Funds” .

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See our videos

See our explanatory videos on what you can gain from investing in Chit Zone. It's a one of a kind investment which includes the best aspects of both saving and borrowing

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Saving money is no more as difficult as you thought

Little drops make an ocean. This proverb is apt for savings which plays a significant role in our lives. The small amounts of savings we do today can extend a helping arm to us.


Borrowing money is not as cumbersome as your thought

Borrowing money can often be a problematic and embarrassing process. We have many sources like individual money lenders and Banks for borrowing the money we need at times.


Lending money as a service to those who need it most

Prosperity Chit Funds believes in lending money more as a service than as a commercial venture. While the lending rates are flying sky high, you can avail loan here for as low as 8%.