Chit Zone's Social Objective

Life is all about successful co-existence. Our society is not created through the efforts of a single man but a group of people who have created win-win opportunities that are mutual in nature. Chit Zone is a new age Chit Fund Company that has come into existence with this mutual win-win as their core objective.

This new age Chit Fund Company is not after making money but is basically a business venture that wants to combine social service with the commercial aspect. It aims to serve the society by relieving the financial problems of individuals from a service angle.

Winning is easy when hands are joined together

Chit Zone strongly believes winning is easy when hands are joined together. It aims to help a set of people financially in a direct manner while supporting many others indirectly through emotional involvement clubbed with commercial advantage.

While rich people strongly believe that they create their own life, life’s experiences make poor people believe that life just happens to them. Chit Zone wants to break this unwritten rule and help as many suffering souls as possible, by helping them save without borrowing.

Change the meaning of money

Chit Zone targets to change the meaning of money which has so far been associated only with commercial aspects more than the service aspects. It wants to provide financial freedom to as many numbers of people as possible through its social initiatives even it means sacrificing their profit.

It is an open secret that Business ventures generally do not compromise on the financial aspects which would make them accrue loss. Chit Zone is the pioneer in the Finance field to do the same since its main aim is to serve mankind. This motive has encouraged us to retain just 5% as the Organizer fee instead of the current industry norm which is 5%. The other major decision that Chit Zone has taken is to use a portion of 5% towards operational cost and donate the rest to NGOs that are involved in noble causes.

History has been repeatedly portraying the fact that money game is played by the rich to win in life easily. On the other hand, the poor lose in life every time due to the flabbergasting experiences that money throws on them continuously. Chit Zone wants to break this trend and help the sufferers outreach their grasp financially.

Join hands with Chit Zone

Join hands with Chit Zone. Help us to help thousands of people not only through money but also through our social objectives. Be a part of the group in serving the society and become the lucky one to have been associated with the young group. We welcome you to experience the immense pleasure that social service can provide over the simple factor called Money.

Become richer through your constant savings with Chit Zone – The new age Chit Fund. Come. Let us all join hands to create a richer society.